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              • Where does the cost of prefab house come from?

                The cost of prefab houses is relatively high. That’s mainly reflected in two aspects: The first one is process cost. The construction process of prefab house requires complicated technology. The initial investment of R&D and production equipment …

                2020/1/7 17:08:42
              • How to Protect the Prefab House Against Earthquakes and Reinforce it

                There is no way for the existing prefab houses to meet the seismic requirement. They are bound to have poor seismic performance due to the characteristic of their main components prefabricated plates. But this is not an issue that needs to be consider…

                2020/1/3 16:46:54
              • General Structures and Composition Materials of Prefab House

                Prefab house can be made of many kind of materials, such as magnesite concrete plate, colored stainless steel sandwich panels, gypsum boards, concrete prefabricated boards and so on. Generally, prefab houses are all pre-installed. The only preparation…

                2019/12/31 14:00:06
              • Safety Precautions of Prefab House

                In order to ensure the safe use of prefab house and prevent collapse accident during the process of prefab house construction, you should take those following safety precautions. ①Use colored stainless steel sheets to build the steel structure prefab…

                2019/12/24 17:11:50
              • How to Strictly Guarantee the Material Quality of Prefab House

                Materials shall be checked and accepted in accordance with specifications and product quality requirements. These standards are as follows: The prefab house’s material approaching acceptance should pass strict inspection process. Any Jerry-built and …

                2019/12/20 13:49:41
              • Need to Watch Out These Issues During the Process of steel structure building in Winter

                With the development of urbanization, there comes more and more steel structure building tasks, accompanied by the inevitable problem of the increasingly long construction time. Workers often have to work in the rainy days in order to keep pace and gi…

                2019/12/18 13:33:13
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